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Context menu handlers ruined my weekend !!!

I started noticing some slow PC performance last week while working. Then on Saturday night, it got to the point where I could hardly do anything with out my computer hanging for 30 seconds at a time. It would usually happen when I tried to open a folder,menu, or right-clicked on an item. I thought for sure it was a virus,and was prepared to wipe my system and do a clean install. I spent all day Sunday backing up photos and other files. I did find one virus, deleted it, but performance still sucked.

So I did a Google search on "Right-Click" and "slow performance". I eventually got directed to a message board where someone else reported the same problem. They mentioned something called "Context menu handlers" being their problem, and using a tool called ShellExView to identify non-Microsoft Context handlers as possibly being the culprit to the performance degradation.

What I saw immediately was a number of Context Menu Handlers for TortoiseSVN (right-click to run command-line tool for source control).

Needless to say, I uninstalled TortoiseSVN, and my commuter is back to normal.

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