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I purchased a notebook

I took the plunge and decided the time was right to buy a new computer (also getting a nice fat check for selling your house doesn’t hurt). I’ve always wanted a notebook, so I got a 13 inch Macbook. I hear nothing but wonderful things about Macs, and I’m just so sick of my PC always having problems. I need to work in a Windows environment (running Office, Visual Studio .Net, and SQL Server), so I will be evaluating the following three Mac App’s that will allow me to do this :

Apple Bootcamp


VMWare’s Fusion

If anyone has any experience with these, let me know. Fusion is new, and I’m not even sure if the Beta is available for download yet. A guy I work with says Parallels is slick, but I’ve read about some performance issues, as well as the inability to play 3D games on Windows. Bootcamp performs well, but you need to boot the entire operating system, whereas Parallels and Fusion are virtual sessions, meaning, Windows, OSx, etc… all boot at once and you can easily switch back and forth.

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