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Store all you usernames and passwords with Keepass

I belong to around two billion web sites.  I think I have 5 Hotmail accounts, 2 Yahoo, and a ton of others.  I’ve always depended on Firefox in the past to remember these for me, but some times, that doesn’t work out too well.

Anyhow, I needed a secure way to store all of this information, which led me to a great free, open source application called Keepass. You can download Keepass for Windows, Mac, or Linux.   Keepass will even generate a strong password for you, and let you know if the one you entered can be guessed easily or not.

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Keyboard and mouse synchronization with Synergy

I installed and started using a cool app today called Synergy . This app allows me to share my mouse and keyboard across 2 or more computers. In my case, it’s my Macbook and my Dell desktop. You download and install the app on both machines. After some minor editing with some config files, you’re then able to use the same mouse and keyboard for both computers. Synergy does this by having you define where the computers sit in relation to each other. In my case, my Dell monitor sits above my Macbook, so when I scroll the mouse off of the Macbook’s screen up top, it then appears on the Dell monitor. At this point, everything I input is seen on the Dell.

I also downloaded SynergyKM which supplies a GUI for the OS X side of things.

Pretty cool !


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