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Firefox Extension Backup Extension

I love Firefox.  It is without question my favorite application.  I have it loaded with extensions, themes, and bookmarks.  The problem I’ve had lately though is that I work on three different machines, so I’m constantly trying to keep my Firefox installs in sync.  When Vista arrived the other day, I really wasn’t looking forward to reproducing my Firefox environment again.  Then I found FEBE (Firefox Extension Backup Extension).

FEBE is a Firefox plugin that allows you to backup literally everything in your Firefox (extensions, bookmarks, passwords etc…).  How it works is that after downloading the extension, you  backup your Firefox settings to a folder.  Then in your new environment, you move that folder, then download and install FEBE to your new Firefox install, and then restore the settings from that folder via the FEBE extension.

  Works great !

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Vista Blues

I’ve had blue screens of death, unexpected system shutdowns, screen freezes …. all in one day ! I feel so much better about getting a Mac. I’m going to keep my XP VM around for a while longer.

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Micrososft Vista

So I installed Vista on my Macbook today, as a Parallels Virtual Machine I have a copy of Office 2003 on a cd, zipped as a Winrar file. I go to to move it to the hard drive, when Vista starts the status bar telling me how long it will take. The total : 15194 days and 13 hours for a 624 MB file. Nice !

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