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Need to create a Wiki?

I was tasked with this a month or so ago, and came upon a great site called It even has a wizard that asks you a number of questions, and then recomends different wiki apps for you.

I ended up downloading and trying 4 different Wikis. These ranged from one written in javascript, to a php based one, and even “asp.old” one. I went with ScrewTurn Wiki, which is a .Net based, Open Source app, written in C#. ScrewTurn comes with an installer, that creates an IIS site for you. One big requirement I had was that the Wiki content pages themselves had to be created outside of the Wiki, because I was using a script to pull out the API class data. Screwturn is also very easy to configure out of the box, has a support forum, and is skinnable.


April 14, 2008 Posted by | ASP.Net, Technology | Leave a comment