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Moving from iPhoto to Picasa

I moved my 5 gigabytes worth of digital photos from my Mac to my PC tonight. This is usually a pretty easy thing to do, as you just copy your “Originals” folder in the iPhoto directory to it’s new destination. I didn’t care about copying the photo albums from iPhoto, but the problem I ran into was getting to the keywords my wife and I added for every stinking photo. iPhoto uses it’s own proprietary method for storing keywords, so I needed to export them somehow.

Thankfully I found the iphotokeywordutilities app that did the trick for me. It’s a little tricky to get going, as you have to : iphotokeywordutilities
2.Open iPhoto and select the photos whose keywords you want to export.
3. You then click on the applescript from the downloaded zip

What iphotokeywordutilities does is take the iPhoto keyword and embed it right into the image’s IPTC keyword attribute.


July 26, 2008 Posted by | iPhoto, Technology | 2 Comments